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Angolan Officials Deny Newsmedia Claims that the Country Banned Islam

26 November 2013

News outlets around the world reported this weekend that Angola had "banned Islam" and had begun to dismantle (more) more »

CAIR Asks La. Police to Probe Anti-Muslim SUBWAY I ...

Gov. Christie Defends American Muslims

"Terrorism Expert" Hired By U.S. Frequently Cited ...

For African-American Muslims, Ramadan Has Special ...

Killings in Norway Spotlight Anti-Muslim Thought i ...

Wash. Post Editorial on Request for Muslim School ...


Ramadan killing series takes 19 more lives in Iraq

Baghdad: At least 19 people lost their lives in a village near the Iraqi capital as a car blast targeted Shiite pilgrims and a lawyer and his family was shot dead in a separate inc ...

Egyptian expats in UAE vote overwhelmingly for Morsi

Abu Dhabi: Egyptian expatriates in the United Arab Emirates have recorded their overwhelming support by casting majority of votes in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate to ma ...

Pakistan deports Bin Laden’s family to Saudi Arabia

Islamabad: The Government of Pakistan has deported the 14 family members of Osama Bin Laden to Saudi Arabia on the court’s orders. The family of the assassinated Al-Qaeda leader ...

Ban that "Qaidiani Juice"!

Should Muslims living abroad stop buying items made by those of different faiths? If they do, they may just starve to death. If certain lawyers think they can ban “Ahmadi Juice� ...
نيكي يرتفع 0.23% في بداية التعامل بطوكيو
مصر تقدر محصول القمح المحلي بتسعة ملايين طن
مشاكل فنية تؤخر اعادة افتتاح مرفأ الزويتينة الليبي
المؤشر السعودي يسجل أعلى مستوى في 6 سنوات رغم نتائج سابك
جنرال موتورز تهدف لزيادة مبيعات كاديلاك في الصين بحلول 2015
رئيس سابك السعودية: البحث عن أسواق جديدة مهم مع صعوبة النمو محليا
المؤشر السعودي يعمق خسائره بضغط من أسهم البنوك
اليورو يسجل أعلى مستوى خلال 13 شهراً أمام الفرنك
المؤشر السعودي يعود إلى المنطقة الخضراء رغم انحسار السيولة
لاعب جزائري يثير الجدل بانضمامه لفريق إسرائيلي
سمبدوريا يسقط يوفنتوس في معقله وأودينيزي يذل إنتر ميلان
كليبرز يتابع خطه التصاعدي وإصابة لوف بكسر في يده
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NYPD Profiling of Muslims was Not Productive
NYPD Profiling of Muslims was Not Productive
Doha Insurance Q1 net surges 9% on financial investment sale g ...
Bank Muscat's net profit leapfrogs 59% to OMR40m
Sharjah Islamic Bank profits up 30% in first quarter
Dubai Islamic Bank foreign ownership limit raised
GFH EGM approves USD500m sukuk
GCC's rebounding economy to double insurance take- ...
GCC's rebounding economy to double insurance take- ...
GCC's Rebounding Economy to Double Insurance Take- ...
GCC economies vulnerable to emerging markets slowd ...
GCC-Germany trade reaches Dh135 billion in 2013
24 Saudi firms fined for midday work ban violation
The '20th International Dead Sea...
The BIG Show 2013 to provide trade...
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